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Functional and User Friendly Web Design

Form Meets Function with User-Friendly Web Design

function-chairWhat’s the use in building a great website if you don’t focus on how people are going to use it? There are a surplus of websites on the Internet that may look pretty but don’t support their creators’ first objective, which is to get people to actually use them. Imagine designing a great-looking chair so uncomfortable no one could ever sit in it. It sounds ridiculous, but it happens.

Here are some tips that can help you easily combine form and function on your company’s website:
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Convert Photographs to Illustrations Tutorial

Creating the Minneapolis Web Design Building

mwd-home-2010Bringing our office at the Day Block building to life on the web was all too appropriate. After all, we do live here!

Back in 2010 our web designers focused on digitizing every little detail—from the home team jerseys hanging on the balcony, to our feathered friends. But we didn’t just recreate what we see everyday. We wanted to bring what we do inside to the outside, so we showcased some of our finest local work on the walls.

Here’s how we did it…
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Swatch Pattern Tutorial

Creating a Brick Swatch Pattern in Illustrator

Who says building a brick wall has to be hard work? Our designers want to make sure you don’t have to break a sweat!

Recreating the exterior of the Day Block building using a brick swatch pattern really made our home on the web feel like the real deal. Using basic Illustrator tools, a simple design and a little attention to detail, you’d never know our shiny, new building is more than a hundred years old.

Here’s how we did it…
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